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Image - girl with drums
Image - tiny drum Sharpens participants mental and physical agility through rhythm-enhanced right and left brained integration and produces feelings of wellbeing.
Image - African Atabaq drummers - kinesthetic, auditory and visual knowledge passes naturally from older to younger men
Image - tiny drum In indigenous, land based cultures such as African, Polynesian and Asian etc, rhythm, drumming, music, singing and dancing are cornerstones to the cohesiveness, celebration, and continuity of their communities.

   In such cultures kinesthetic, auditory and visual knowledge passes easily and naturally from older experienced drummers to younger men.

The Rhythm Centre's Rhythm in Schools program serves to help restore what has regrettably been largely lost in technologically oriented western societies.
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  Rhythm in Schools - Testimonials  

Feedback from Schools

“Fraser allowed the children to express themselves without any restrictions. It provided an opportunity for children to show their ‘special’ talents”.
:: Whangaparoa School, Cape Runaway.

“Every child was involved and given some level of success. Very supportive, caring and enthusiastic!”.
:: Rangitaiki Independent School.

“I really liked the skills and communication of the tutor. This was a very appropriate, learning/exploring activity”.
:: Awakeri Primary School.

“I really liked the abundance of equipment . The experience was absolutely awesome.. Thank you very very much”.
:: Ruakokore School.

“Maximum participation, Non threatening, Individual student was well catered for”.
:: Trident High School, Whakatane.

“Fraser had the children all involved and managed to capture the interest of my more apathetic students. Nice manner with students, allowed them to experiment with sounds as well as beats”.
:: Opotiki College.

Image - tiny drum Some pupils who might not excel in academic achievements may find this expression of their rhythmic musical intelligence one which comes effortlessly and which gives an immediate boost to their self value and worth. They never forget the experience nor their success of this experience.

Image - tiny drum Through rhythmic communication, Rhythm in Schools provides a hands-on experience that exemplifies direct, immediate action and result.

Image - tiny drum As a model for educators and an experience for children, Rhythm in Schools demonstrates the effects of action and interaction using auditory, kinesthetic and visual modalities to enhance communication, encourage cooperation and stimulate quality peer relationships.











For further information contact Fraser Bruce:
or go here for contact details.

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