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Image - The Rhythm Centre specialises and excels in corporate team building workshops

"Fraser brings a unique creative perspective in terms of his music, movement and creativity sessions, and an ability to create rapport and a safe environment for participants to discover and explore new abilities. . . I recommend Fraser to any organisation that is looking to rediscover, expand and grow its creative potential within its people."

Tun Maples, Inova Group
"Inspiring, empowering, multidimensional, Fraser can awaken the creative genius of any group in a very short time."

Rex McCann, Essentially Men Co-ordinator
"Fraser Bruce has the ability to create a room full of strangers having fun, making music and learning together in no time at all. His creative energy and spirit are irresistible."

Peta Joyce, Facilitator and Trainer, MjP Consulting
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  Corporate Team Building Workshops  

Image - Fraser Bruce - facilitator and chairman Rhythm Centre TrustFraser Bruce:
Fraser is a master facilitator at blending tribal drumming and music making into a powerful, memorable corporate team building experience. He will take you and your employees on a journey in collective creativity that is highly energising, inspirational and a lot of fun.

    Rhythm Centre Trust
chairman Fraser Bruce's background is in education, training and business development. He has skills in music, video production and body therapy. Village Drum Circles are a valuable tool that can be used as an element in any management training and corporate team building program - off-site or in a conference environment.

The Rhythm Centre's Corporate Team Building Workshops will work for you:
Image - tiny drum In any venue.
Image - tiny drum With any sized group
Image - tiny drum To any purpose
Past recipient organisations include:
The Watties Group, Telecom, Clear Communications, Mercury Energy, primary and secondary schools and various conferences throughout NZ.

'The single most important element... which will make a group especially social harmony.'

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, 1995


    Organisations everywhere are facing the challenges of new ways of working. The most effective teams today are those which are always pushing boundaries, working creatively, exploring new territories and innovating. They are forming new partnerships to work horizontally and vertically, while dissolving the barriers set by old hierarchies. The Rhythm Centre can help organisations meet this challenge with a corporate team building package to suit your needs.

"Fraser breaks the weariness of hard, rational, focused work with a mental shift that brings us to life, reminds us of why we're alive . . . and brings creative inspiration to that essential head work. I call him again and again."

Warwick Pudney, Man Alive

Image - Anything is possible during a Rhythm Centre corporate workshop - team members enjoying themselves


   Successful group dynamics depend primarily on three competence factors:
• Cooperation
• Knowing when to lead
• Knowing when to follow

   Rhythm Centre corporate team building events
provide an ideal learning environment where individual success enhances the performance of the whole group.

   Self disclosure is developed through open trust in the group process. Self acceptance is enabled by accepting personal strengths and weaknesses and laughing at oneself. Interpersonal awareness is demonstrated through wordless recognition and response, delivered with split second timing.

   A powerful spirit of teamwork, unity, cooperation, interplay and flow is created that is far beyond conventional corporate team building dynamics.

   The Rhythm Centre process engages groups of people - preferably including both leaders and team members - in a unique learning experience. We use a range of African drums, percussion, kalimbas (thumb pianos), audio and video equipment. The group is led to master a simple rhythm to which we add other rhythms and sounds, ensuring everyone participates and enjoys initial success.

Within ten minutes the group is creating original music, to which each player adds.
The team's abilities stretch as additional rhythms are introduced, creating remarkable synergies. Voices and simple dance movements can be added in accord with the group's confidence. Peak experiences in our corporate team building workshops are not unusual.

For further information contact Fraser Bruce:
or go here for contact details.

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